You can have your papers published in the journal free of charge. You are kindly requested to submit electronically to (Information Department) or the secretary of a relevant issue the following information:

  • your complete manuscript (see Manuscript Preparation Guideline);
  • one review
  • bibliographical and other data of the author(s)


Articles are placed in open access with the possibility of copying. About the limitations of open access to the materials of the article authors must inform in written form before the beginning of its reviewing.


The rules of layout of the article:

Further, the article will be considered at the meeting of the editorial board of the corresponding series, and then, in case of a positive decision to include the article in the journal, it is sent to the editorial and publishing groups. If there are any remarks connected to the design of the article it can be returned to the author for revision.


Terms of acceptance of articles on series in the journal "Proceedings of BSTU" for 2018

1. Forestry. Environmental management. Reprocessing of renewable resources – until 15.10.2017 (№1), until 31.03.2018 (№2);

2. Chemical technologies. Biotechnology. Geoecology – until 15.11.2017 (№1), until 15.06.2018 (№2);

3. Physics and Mathematics. Informatics – until 15.11.2017 (№1),  until 15.05.2018 (№2);

4. Print- and media technologies – until 15.01.2018 (№1), until 10.07.2018 (№2);

5. Economics and Management – until 15.02.2018 (№1), until 15.09.2018 (№2);

6. History. Philosophy – until 15.03.2018 (№1), until 15.10.2018 (№2).


You are welcome to submit your manuscripts to Proceedings of BSTU!